About Us

Farm 77

Founded in 2009, Farm 77 is a small, family-run, mixed livestock farm.  We have 77 acres (hence the farm name) and in addition to pasture we have approximately 50 acres in cash crops.  Our farm is a welcoming, open place that strives to provide authentic farming experiences to all.


Farm 77 is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario. The County is located approximately 2 hours east of Toronto and 2 ½ hours southwest of Ottawa. It is a stunningly beautiful part of Canada and is a thriving home to local food and creative arts.

What we do

On Farm 77, we raise Boer goats, Shetland sheep,  ducks and a variety of chickens.  We also have a trio of donkeys and a team of horses.

We raise all of our animals in a way that truly complements their natures. Rain, shine or snow, all animals have outdoor access every day. When you buy lamb and goat from us, you will know that they were born on pasture and have run free through fields their whole lives. Our ducks and our chickens are free to hunt bugs and hatch eggs when they choose.