We raise Boer goats, Shetland sheep, ducks and a variety of chickens. Our animals are pastured, free-ranging and always have outdoor access and are able to free range. We take pride is the quality of our meat and know that it is superior to anything found in a supermarket.

Rent our fabulous, 4 bedroom century Farmhouse located across the road from the farm. Sleeps 7 adults and is child- and pet-friendly. This is a two story, 3000+ square foot home with a fully-equipped kitchen, central air, wrap-around porch, BBQ and much more.

Visit us at Schoolhouse 77, our new shop.  You’ll find farm produce, reclaimed furnishings, our corner-store corner and some eclectic pieces.  Open weekends, May through October.

Small farms like ours survive by raising excellent quality food and providing what our customers want.

We regularly produce chicken, lamb, goat and duck.  We have also produced turkey and pork.

Why would you want custom farming?  You’re looking for something special, something unique.  For example, you are:

Getting married and need 50 truly free-range chickens.

Are opening a cafe and want to offer lamb/goat curry and need a steady supply.

Wanting to make your own prosciutto and need well-raised animals and precise butchery.

Making your own fleece duvets and want to buy our Shetland sheep’s fleeces.

Got an idea?  Get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.